BAD Thanks
My family (for their patience and support), the Garcia family (I owe you my life for all the support you gave when I needed it most), the Finkenbinders (for the undying support since I was young, and for always making me a part of your family), TSgt Kosier (for all the help), the Villasanas (for always stepping in to help), the Aldrich family (for dinners and all support), ChrLeo (for always sticking with me), D-rock (for always backing me) the Dave (for the food), Katie (moral support), Rudy (for overcoming stacked odds to live), T. Keller (for always having faith in me), Cisco, and Brun0lio.

Headquarters Thanks
The Tranmissionary FAQs at Gamefaqs (for getting me started in the right direction), BAD (for playtesting), and Capcom (for making great games with miserable achievements).

Inspired By
Terror, Earth Crisis, Emmure, Throwdown, and Hatebreed.

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